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Shruti Vidyasagar

Ramya Sridhar Tirumalai

Section One

Justice, Access, and the Nation’s Approaches

1. A Sense of Justice: Our Role in Creating and Improving Perceptions

Ashwin Mahesh

2. Paths to Justice: Surveying Judicial and Non-judicial Dispute Resolution in India

Padmini Baruah

Shruthi Naik

Surya Prakash B.S.

Kishore Mandyam

3. Saddharma Nyaya Peetha: The Role of Taralabalu Math in Resolving Disputes

Shivamurthy Shivacharya Mahaswamiji

4. The Mediation Gap: Where India Stands and How Far It Must Go

Tara Ollapally

Annapurna Sreehari

Shruthi Ramakrishnan

5. Manpower Malady: Managing Legal Aid Institutions

Shruthi Naik

6. Bail and Incarceration: The State of Undertrial Prisoners in India

Aparna Chandra

Keerthana Medarametla

7. Gandhi’s Jurisconscience: Evolution of His Ideas of Justice

Sudarshan Iyengar

Section Two

Rule of Law Project

8. Deconstructing Delay: Analyses of Data from High Courts and Subordinate Courts

Arunav Kaul

Ahmed Pathan

Harish Narasappa

9. Maximising Judicial Time: Measures to Combat Delay and Pendency in Subordinate Courts

Harish Narasappa

Section Three

Probing Pendency and Performance of Courts

10. Promise to Pay: An Analysis of Cheque Dishonour Cases

Ramya Sridhar Tirumalai

11. Performance Indicators: Working of Magistrates’ Courts in India

Arunav Kaul

12. Diversification and Efficiency: A Case Study of the Karnataka Appellate Tribunal

Amulya Purushothama

Padmini Baruah

13. Government Litigation: A Study of Tax Appeals in Karnataka and Gujarat

Alok Prasanna Kumar

14. California’s Courts: Judicial Administration and Case Flow Management

Leah Rose-Goodwin

Section Four

Actors in the Justice System

15. One Dispute, Many Cases: Overcoming the Numbers Game in Litigation

P.N. Prakash

16. Beyond Reasonable Doubt: A Prosecutor’s Views on the Criminal Justice System

Jude Angelo

17. Trusting the Police: Challenges of Criminal Investigation and Trials in India

R. Sri Kumar

18. Judicial Tenure: An Empirical Appraisal of Incumbency of Supreme Court Judges

Rangin Pallav Tripathy

Gaurav Rai

19. Judicial Budgets: From Financial Outlays to Time-bound Outcomes

Avanti Durani

Rithika Kumar

Neha Sinha

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