Executive Team

Amulya Ashwathappa
Research Associate

Amulya Ashwathappa is a graduate from Jindal Global Law School. Her areas of interest are in Gender Studies and Constitutional Law. She is currently working as a Research Associate at Daksh.

Arunav Kaul
Research Associate

Arunav Kaul is working in the area of empirical legal research, and in particular with the judiciary, as an associate at Daksh. He has a B.A., LL.B. (Hons) from the School of Law, Christ University, Bengaluru.


Chockalingam Muthian
Technology Lead

Chockalingam is a Machine and Deep Learning Practitioner with extensive experience in building large scale technology platforms. His core skills are aggregating data and derive meaningful insights, building knowledge graphs and NLP for legal data.

He is a post-graduate in Chemistry and an EMBA from IIM Bangalore.


Gaurav Banerjee
Data Analyst

Gaurav has a BE in Computer Science Engineering and dual certification in data science and analytics. He has experience working with statistical tools and machine learning algorithms. He works as a Data Analyst at DAKSH


Harish Narasappa

Harish is a lawyer and founding partner of the law firm, Samvad Partners, headquartered in Bengaluru. Harish has extensive experience in advising on cross-border mergers and acquisitions, banking, corporate financing, private equity, projects, regulatory, and dispute resolution matters. Harish is a trustee of the Singamma Sreenivasan Foundation and the Punarchith Collective. He is also a member of the Karnataka Election Watch and National Election Watch. Harish has a BA, LLB (Hons.) from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, a BCL from the University of Oxford (where he was a Radhakrishnan Scholar), and a BA (Philosophy) from the University of London.


Kishore Mandyam

Kishore is the Chief Executive Officer of PK4 Software, Bengaluru, a market leader in cloud and mobile business solutions for non-Western markets. He has over 24 years of experience in the software industry. He is the technology mastermind for all DAKSH’s initiatives.

Kishore has a degree in electrical engineering from Bangalore University.


Research Manager

Leah is a lawyer and social scientist with wide-ranging work experience in corporations, nonprofits and political campaigns across India. She is a graduate of Columbia University and National Law School of India University.

Rangin Tripathy
Visiting Fellow

Rangin is faculty of law at National Law University Odisha. He has completed his Ph.D from National Law University Odisha on judicial performance evaluation. He completed his LLM from National Law School of India University, Bangalore and B.A., L.L.B. from University Law College, Utkal University. His primary interest lies in empirical enquiries in the area of judicial reforms.


Ritwika Sharma
Research Associate

Ritwika is a lawyer working primarily in the areas of constitutional law and administrative law. She has previously worked with the New Delhi office of the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, where she provided drafting and research assistance to the Government of India on a wide range of matters. She has an undergraduate law degree (B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)) from the Indraprastha University, Delhi, and post-graduate degrees from the NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad and the University of Cambridge (UK).

Sandhya PR
Research Consultant

Sandhya PR is a graduate of ILS Law College and University College London. Her areas of interest include civil justice and judicial reforms. She is currently working as a Research Consultant with DAKSH.


Shruthi Naik
Research Associate

Shruthi Naik is a graduate of the National Law School of India University, Bengaluru. Having a keen interest in studying access to justice in India, she is a research associate at Daksh working on the rule of law project.

Shruti Vidyasagar
Lawyer and Editor

Shruti is a lawyer and editor. She has pursued a varied legal practice in Bengaluru for several years, advising clients on matters ranging from contracts, employment, intellectual property, foreign investment and corporate compliance, to women’s rights and matrimonial law. She consults with several Indian and multinational companies on dealing with workplace sexual harassment. She also edits books and journals on law, society, development, business and management.  

Shruti has an undergraduate degree (B.A.L., LL.B.) from Bangalore University and a post-graduate degree (BCL) from the University of Oxford.


Siddharth Mandrekar Rao
Research Associate

Siddharth Mandrekar Rao is working on research on Political Economy and the Judiciary. He has an MSc in Political Science from LSE and Political Economy and a BA in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology from Christ University.

Surya Prakash B S
Fellow and Programme Director

Surya Prakash is a chartered accountant and lawyer with more than 14 years of experience in handling tax functions of large global IT companies.