Governing Council

R Dhirendra
Co-founder and President

Dhirendra is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eduquity Career Technologies, a human resource assessment and development services company. He is also a trustee of the Akshara Foundation, Bangalore.

Dhirendra has also served as the national president of Round Table India. He forged relationships with several strategic partners such as Pratham, Akshara, Centre for Youth and Social Development, and Azim Premji Foundation, as well as Round Table Netherlands and Round Tables of Britain and Ireland. This led to more than 2000 schools being built across the country, with an investment of about 100 crore rupees. This includes a national level initiative to build 2500 schools for the underprivileged to educate a million children.

Surekha Shetty

Surekha has over 20 years of experience marketing and selling software products and services. She is the marketing and operations director of PK4 Software, Bengaluru. She builds strategic and marketing models for world-class, India-focused software-as-a-service solutions in start-up mode.

She co-founded the US and India–based Professional Services, which now has over 250 consultants and revenues of US$ 8 million. She has won the Millennium Sthree Woman Entrepreneur Award in Bangalore in November 2000. Surekha also teaches a middle school government school class as part of a volunteer program called VNS Jyoti.

Surekha has been involved with DAKSH since its inception, and worked closely in preparing the initial questionnaires for the MP/MLA surveys.

M V Sundararaman

Sundar is one of the founders of CrestLaw Partners, a leading law firm based in Bengaluru. CrestLaw has been consistently rated as one of the leading dispute resolution firms in Bengaluru. In a career spanning over 20 years, Sundar has been extensively involved in civil and corporate litigation, including arbitration. He has advised several multinational corporations and large domestic corporations in cross-border and domestic transactions.

Poornima Hatti

Poornima Hatti heads the dispute resolution practice of Samvad Partners. She obtained her BA LLB (Hons.) from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore and a master’s degree in law from the London School of Economics where she was a graduate merit scholar. Poornima is also a trained mediator from the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Harish Narasappa
Co-founder and Member

Harish is a lawyer and founding partner of the law firm, Samvad Partners, headquartered in Bengaluru. Harish has extensive experience in advising on cross-border mergers and acquisitions, banking, corporate financing, private equity, projects, regulatory, and dispute resolution matters. Harish is a trustee of the Singamma Sreenivasan Foundation and the Punarchith Collective. He is also a member of the Karnataka Election Watch and National Election Watch. Harish has a BA, LLB (Hons.) from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, a BCL from the University of Oxford (where he was a Radhakrishnan Scholar), and a BA (Philosophy) from the University of London.

Kishore Mandyam
Co-founder and Member

Kishore is the Chief Executive Officer of PK4 Software, Bengaluru, a market leader in cloud and mobile business solutions for non-Western markets. He has over 24 years of experience in the software industry. He is the technology mastermind for all DAKSH’s initiatives.

Kishore has a degree in electrical engineering from Bangalore University.